About Us

Our primary goal is to identify and empathise with the critical challenges faced by CEOs and helping them address the same. It's a CEO-to-CEO peer group with chapters in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai. Its primary purpose is to assist Indian Entrepreneurs to thrive and manage challenges more efficiently. The community addresses the seven critical problems of SMEs in India related to Talent Management, Finance Management, Sales & Marketing, Organisational Culture, Innovation, Boardroom Conflicts and Business Process Management.

Four highlights of the community:

  1.  As an online business journal: The community features many of its members and their entrepreneurship journey. It also allows them to share their point of views and thought leadership with peer members.
  2. As a business directory with referrals: The community attracts a diverse set of entrepreneurs with different skill-sets, making their expertise useful for fellow entrepreneurs.
  3. As a Business Forum: It allows you to ask varied questions related to any aspect of Business Management, and gain answers from a CEO who is an expert in the said domain.
  4. As a Leadership Community: We organise thought leadership events to highlight the most pressing issues and ways to mitigate the risks.

We host three flagship events in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. The community will soon expand its reach to tier 2 cities.

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