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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Sales Gurus

The theory of cause and effect has immense implications in the day-to-day lives of individuals. It is evident in different domains, in multitudes of areas and in different contexts. However, two people who have mastered this in the context of sales are Mr. Sameer Srivastav, CEO of ‘The Sales Element’ and Mrs. Shubha Kumar Srivastav, COO of ‘The Sales Element.’ This dynamic duo, who complement each other with unwavering support both at home and at work, manage to seamlessly envelope the mammoth task of sales behind genuine passion and cheerful smiles.

The hard work and effort they devote to prepare a customised go-to-market strategy and sales plan for each of their clients is not only noteworthy but extremely commendable. “The very fact that our organisation is helping other CEOs, Founders and organisations generate revenue and business in the markets where they are, or where they wish to expand is a key thought that motivates us,” says Mr. Srivastav. He has ample experience in the sales domain. Driving numbers, launching products in the market, getting new clients on-board and expanding to new regions have been his core areas of work, during his career spanning over two decades. Mrs. Shubha Kumar Srivastav on the other hand, handles the day-to-day operations of the organisation, while also actively working with the sales team in making proposals and planning the organisational structure.

What got the couple to compete in an extraordinary market space?

The answer would be the relentless need to achieve. The fundamental driving force is the fact that they do not confine themselves to one job, but help in covering all aspects of sales and after-sales support. They also go the extra mile to provide additional services to their clients. “We are providing an end-to-end package to our customers and they are responding extremely well,” says Mr. Srivastav. Their expertise in the field and ability to keep customer satisfaction as the priority in all their services, has allowed them to withstand in the fierce market. What truly makes them different is that they not only consult and provide sales strategies, but they also implement these strategies to drive a positive outcome. “A set of highly satisfied and happy customers,” is the core objective of their organisation, and they have successfully accomplished this with their knowledge and competence. “We believe in growing at our own pace and delivering quality,” says Mrs. Srivastav and this is the inherent reason they refuse to chase after capital funding. They view their value not in the money that they receive but in the quality of work that they provide. There are a few key takeaways for all entrepreneurs about sales, from the pioneers in the industry. The most important lesson being “Do not undersell yourself; you must know the worth of your organisation and the worth of the work being done.”

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