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Have Conflicts At The Board-Level Become a Major Roadblock For Your Business?

Discover how Good Conflict Can Take Your Brand To Greatness!

Getting all the members of the board to agree on one thing is indeed a herculean task. Anyone who has served in the board can appreciate the fact that conflicts are a part and parcel of every business. Having said that, overlooking the importance of resolving board disputes or any delay in nipping the problem in the bud, often leads to serious repercussions!

However, in the recent times, many businesses have opened themselves up to the idea of nurturing a strong organizational culture that harnesses the power of conflict. Recent studies have attested that such an approach makes a business grow exponentially in leaps and bounds. To offer us a better clarity on the subject, they have categorised conflict into two types: cognitive and affective.

The former focuses on keeping the wheels of business in motion by addressing the conflict in a solicitude manner that gives others a perspective. It stimulates a better, creative and positive response that ultimately profits the brand. In affective conflict, the sole point of disagreement is based on emotional volatility and/or personal differences. Such conflicts not only disrupt the growth of a business, but also serves as a demoralizing factor to the employees.

There is no denying how many path-breaking marketing ideas, new product launches, and image improving services didn’t see the light of the day because of indecisions and delays. But, what if there is a solution to all this blockage?

It has been noted, that major disagreements creep up when top management fail to communicate their vision to their stakeholders, and employees clearly. Consequently, this oversight lays down a perfect platform for an imminent fallout!

Our 2 days rigorous workshop aims at containing this possibility by bringing together all important decision makers of the company, on one page! We curate innovative brainstorming sessions, as part of the workshop, with company’s top brass to help them pinpoint the reasons of conflict that’s holding them down.

Obviously, to make this happen, board needs to align all their energy and resources constructively towards a common goal. We help brands realize the importance of embracing good conflicts, which eventually guides them towards a common sense of purpose.

What do businesses gain from our workshop?

  • Strong brand culture
  • Sense of purpose
  • Things work faster – zero stagnancy
  • Better aligned departments
  • Contained attrition rate
  • Employees feel more engaged
  • Achieving milestones becomes a daily affair
  • Effective communication
  • Happy customers!
  • As most great brands say – ‘choose your battles wisely, and if you can’t, learn to turn your disadvantage to your advantage!’ Since in a business setting, the possibility of not having a conflict is nonsensical, channelising it to your advantage is the only way forward!

    To get started, write to us at info@ceobottomline.com

    Pallavi is a seasoned brand content publisher.For the last five years, she has been working with brands, developing their publishable content for their business ecosystem. At CF+, she is an articulator. She and her team are actively building brand communities. A journalist at heart believes the words have the power to change the world.


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