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Just Get One Thing Right For Brand Building

What's in fate for the brands in a distant future is unknown, and yet the most probable future is entirely predictable. Anyone who has been in advertising and marketing for two decades now would relate to the observation I am here to share.

Brands in the 80s

In the early 80s, brands didn't matter much, it was all about the quality. The elders in our family use to value the quality of the product. If it’s steel it has to be heavy, or you rub the rice to see if it has its scent preserved. They knew how to evaluate everything that a family needed. Every item required by the family members had to pass their quality test. We knew only international brands. We Indians always had a particular liking for foreign goods. My Uncle used to show-off his German engineered Montblanc watch. Every house must have had at least one item which was made outside India.

Brands in the 90s

In 1991, the markets opened up, and we saw a sea of new brands entering the market. Things which were once unheard of began to flood the market. With this, many Indian businessmen went out of business as they could not afford to advertise like any international brand, or they merely consolidated their market to survive and sustain. Many also sold their company and their brand name to global brands, like Thumbs Up became a Coca-Cola company, with that, we also lost my favourite carbonated drink, Gold Spot. Many would remember how we used to peel the inside of the crown to get a picture of Disney Characters and collect the bottle crowns for some freebies.

Brands in the 2000s

In early 2000, technology became the buzzword. In today's modern city, we work with the assurance of the maker because we don't know what's good or bad, we buy as long as it has good reviews, or available on offer. The latter part of this decade is all about reviews, recommendation, good storytelling, and digital media marketing. While Television still has some role to play, its audience is highly fragmented and limited. This decade saw the influx of massive investment. Money was made available to the owners in the form of funding, and therefore Indian brands also got the power to advertise and create their persona.

Building a Brand in the 21st Century

The era of technology is gone. It is no longer a game changer but a primary raw material in bringing the brands to life or even doing business. As business gears up for the future, customer experience is the only one thing that will matter. How a brand is shaping its customer experience will play a pivotal role in establishing its persona and business. How they map the user journey across multiple channels (offline, online, app-enabled) is essential. From the moment of brand discovery to consumption, its journey and the user experience, everything needs to be plotted and scripted to deliver the most exceptional user experience.

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Tridiv Daas is the originator of Creative Factor Group.

Having spent over two decades in advertising & marketing and worked on some of the most prominent brands like Intel, Apple, Essilor, Schneider Electric. He is now empowering small and medium organisations to thrive in the present opportunities. Connect with him at tridiv@creativefactor.in


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