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Strengthening The Spine Of An Organisation

Business Process Operation is the backbone of any organisation. An idea is as good as its execution, and any idea is worthless if it can’t be executed, to realise its true potential.

The head of Business Operations is like the Chief of Staff or the Chief Operating Officer who acts as an intermediary between the Chief Executive’s Office and other key departments in the organisation.

The role of business operations is to create a seamless environment to facilitate smooth interactions between different functions or departments of the organisation, keeping in mind the overall strategic objectives, and the long-term and short-term business objectives.

While each department manages & delivers its output as a stand-alone function, it is critical to ensure that every department is aligned towards the objective, and delivers the desired results.

While each team can have its own delivery leads, it is imperative that the heads of each of the departments are aligned, and in sync with the bigger picture so that they can guide and direct their individual teams to allocate, distribute the work, monitor the output and implement course correction measures wherever required.

The business operations team also acts as a buffer to resolve management and interdepartmental conflicts, and at times act as a sounding board to validate the potential of business ideas and validate on the feasibility of giving life to the idea.

The Business Operations function is a key to strike a balance between strategy and execution. An organisation that has a strong business process can be rest assured that the core team and management can focus on product development, and customer satisfaction, while business operations takes care of the rest.

Flow of information, having a trained resource pool of talent to interpret data or information, act accordingly and in coordination with other departmental functions are the key to the success of any business operation system.

Each department needs to have its own process flow, information & action architecture, and desired results pre-defined in known scenarios, which helps it deliver its function successfully. At the same time the process should not be too rigid that the individual teams come to a grid lock and reach a dead end.

Business Processes need to have a certain level of fluidity in it, to enable cross functional departments to make changes to the system depending on the scenarios that they encounter, so that the objective and deliveries are not affected.

A business process design, is not a standardized format or template that can be replicated from one organisation to another. Rather it is a system that needs to be designed, depending on multiple parameters, objectives, strengths, limitations, opportunities, threats, digital interventions and a host of other external & internal influences. 

Designing & Implementing a stable business process for any kind of organisation requires cross functional and cross domain expertise, to create a framework that is best suited for that particular organisation that needs to be monitored for effectiveness, and upgraded periodically depending on the changes & influences in which the organisation conducts its business.

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Satish is the Integrator at Creative Factor Group. As a co-founder and business operational expert, he has been helping organisations collaborate, find purpose and break functional roadblocks to thrive in the opportunities in the developing business markets. Connect with him satish@creativefactor.in


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