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This Mompreneur Is All Set To Make Parenting Fun And Easy For New Parents

With Kol Kol Baby Carrier, Bayiravi Mani, the Founder, and a Mompreneur is making parenting a joyful experience by helping parents raise kids with laughter and love. Incepted in December 2014, Kol Kol Baby Carrier is a firm that designs and produces a range of easy to use, safe, affordable and comfortable baby carriers.

From Solving Her Individual Problem To Starting Up

Parenting and parenthood, especially for new parents, on one side, brings along loads of joy, happiness, and laughter, but on the other hand, there’s a world full of troubles in-stored for them. Research shows that new parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation. Not just that, they usually have to give up on their career and bid adieu to a list of things such as their normal routine, catching up with friends, last minute plans, travelling and others.

But, Bayiravi didn’t want her son’s birth to affect her life. “Back in those days when my son was an infant, I worked from home as a cake decorator. Meeting the orders along with a baby was difficult, and nothing was really working in favor or solving the problem. Left with not many options, I tried out a hand-me-down baby carrier which didn’t help much either. I tried out a few options available in the market, but those were just adding on to the misery. Instead of crying over spilled milk, I started looking out for a solution. After a lot of research, I found out about ergonomic baby carriers and asked friend staying abroad to gift me one as they were very expensive. It helped me keep my baby calm and happy, and let me work.

The baby carrier allowed me to travel, head out for a meal, meet friends, attend functions, be a part of celebrations, and go out on treks. This inspired me to spread awareness about babywearing by creating an affordable, comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier for parents in India. Hence, Kol Kol Baby Carrier was incepted,” Bayiravi says.


With a range of baby carriers designed and manufactured by Kol Kol, Bayiravi and her team are encouraging the practice of babywearing which keeps the baby close and connected to the parent. This reinforces the bond between the child and the parent, helps to breastfeed anywhere, enables parents to have an active life while taking care of the baby. Kol Kol’s ergonomic baby carriers allow parents to carry their baby in a position similar to holding a baby in the arms which provides comfort to both the baby and the parent.

Spreading Kolkoling Among New Parents

“Kol Kol were the first words uttered by my son and are really close to my heart. Hence, I decided to name the brand ‘Kol Kol’. It resonates the kolkoling (cuddling) bond between babies and their parents,” Bayiravi says in an emotional tone.

Currently based out of Mumbai, Kol Kol Baby Carrier began with a small number of customers and now caters to a large network of parents. The production unit is in Delhi. Their ergonomic range comprises of baby carriers that are easy to use, comfortable, safety-tested, affordable and suitable for babies from birth to toddlerhood. The products are available on their website.

The founder along with her team work from a home setup and the one thing that keeps them going is interacting with more parents every day to help them live a life they desire along with their babies. “In the near future, we aim to make babywearing more common in order to enable joyful parenting among Indian parents,” she adds.

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