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An Ode To The Animal Fraternity Through FLOAP

Shruthi Venugopal Nithin, the Founder of For Love Of All Pets (FLOAP), also a pet parent of an almost four years old Charlie, is all set to help out animal lovers, current and expected pet parents, the entire animal fraternity with FLOAP which is a one-stop platform for all pet needs. While helping out pet parents with pet needs, FLOAP also caters to services for non-pet parents or would be pet parents. “FLOAP is a good combination of love for animals, wanting to be an entrepreneur and at the same time returning something back to the animal fraternity,” she adds.

Transitioning from being a marketing manager to an entrepreneur

Before starting-up, Shruthi worked in the corporate sector for about six years in the marketing space. She believes that experiences gained from working in different places, with different people, and exposure to different aspects of an organisation helps her in her entrepreneurial journey. “The journey has been nothing less than a roller coaster. There’s a great satisfaction I feel at each step and it comes with a lot of challenges. But, I look at these challenges as opportunities. The fact that there are so many challenges in the company, just gives me the confidence that I am in the right space because if everything comes easy it means that somebody has found solutions and that’s no longer a challenge,” says Shruthi.

Starting-up FLOAP: Belief, motivation and reasons

Being a pet parent, Shruthi’s challenges were multifold and never-ending. Her reason to find a solution to solve issues faced by every pet parent, including her, intensified when she was in search of a trainer  for Charlie. The kind of reference she received and the stories she got to hear about different kinds of trainer were not just shocking, but an inspiration for her to start FLOAP. Shruthi mentions, “Right from bringing a pet home till the point that they leave us, there are so many different people related to the pet industry, but there is no one standard that the industry follows.”  

Shruthi shares that the pet industry is one of the most untapped industries in terms of being organised. Being a fact, people love to provide the best of everything to their pets but the kind of resources available are not worth the kind of money that the pet lovers / parents are willing to spend. Hence, as a motivation to take the first steps in organising the pet industry one at a time, while doing something for the animal fraternity, Shruthi started FLOAP. “For me, my purpose of life at this point, ever since Charlie has come home, has been him and other pets. Doing something for the pet fraternity brings out the best in me,” she adds.

Culture the FLOAPers follow

The founder defines the culture at FLOAP very simple and open; positivity, honesty, integrity, and happiness are all part of their culture. The team comprises of all pet lovers who do not believe in designations; they call themselves FLOAPers. Given a choice the team would love to create a culture of their own known as the pet culture.

FLOAP in the next five years

The founder of FLOAP wishes to replace the whole word for pets with FLOAP. They want to be associated with every house and individual who have or love pets. To add, Shruthi says, “We want FLOAP to become a household name, globally, five years from now.”

One message to the world

Before concluding, the only message that she would like to share with other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs out there is, “Never doubt yourself. I think everybody has that one special quality which makes us different from the rest. I think people should focus on that one thing that makes them different from the rest and believe in it. So, no matter what you do or where you are, the biggest mantra in life is to be happy and do what makes one happy.”

Pallavi is a seasoned brand content publisher.For the last five years, she has been working with brands, developing their publishable content for their business ecosystem. At CF+, she is an articulator. She and her team are actively building brand communities. A journalist at heart believes the words have the power to change the world.


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