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How This Leader Motivates And Retains 99% Of His People

Take a moment. Think about the bosses, managers, colleagues you’ve encountered. How did they lead?

Despite the liberalisation in workplace culture that’s gripping the world, the traditional image of a leader still remains; one man leading the rest of the team. Mr. Giri, the CEO of Ashwini Enterprises, is challenging the traditional leadership model. A self-professed technocrat, Mr. Giri believes that people and talent are what make or break an organisation. In his words, “If (an organisation) identifying, hiring, grooming, and retaining are done properly, 75% of your headaches are over.”

With a glint of satisfaction, he states that he has managed to retain 99% of his workforce. A major foundation of this success with people is his interactions with his people. Forgoing the normal boss-employee relationship, he and his colleagues are ‘associates’ working towards a common goal.

On any given day, Mr. Giri can be seen interacting with his employees, helping them solve problems (both professional and personal). In our talks with him, he even says that his associates have the freedom to debate with him and constantly offer him suggestions on improving their processes. 

Leaders eat last

In his best-selling book ‘Leaders Eat Last’, Simon Sinek elaborates - “And when a leader embraces their responsibility to care for people instead of caring for numbers, then people will follow, solve problems and see to it that that leader’s vision comes to life the right way, a stable way and not the expedient way.” This sentiment is echoed by Mr. Giri. Amidst the rapidly changing dynamics of the Automotive sector, he believes that just because he isn’t there at the office, work and the quality of the work must not drop.

That is why he gives people the opportunity to take ownership of projects and divests the decision-making power to them.

Learn by interacting – A tip for MSMEs ready to change

For an MSME to change, Mr. Giri believes that their heads must experience a myriad of mature, process driven and democratic organisations. This engenders a maturity that enables CEO to transform into a leader. This is the first step to create a culture that is highly productive, trustworthy and perhaps most importantly, is inspiring.

This is what we all long for in life – a tribe that supports and drives us, an environment that creates impact and a leader who drives change.

A copywriter, gourmand and an otaku, Mahesh believes that experiencing new things is the key to living and not just existing. Having studied and worked in Dubai, he is currently soaking up the Indian Culture while creating stories that changes perception.


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