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Led By Inquisitiveness, This Stand-up Comedian Discovers His Path To Entrepreneurship!

Taking a leap into an array of different works of interests, stemming from curiosity to know more, Mr. Subhashish Bharuka's passion and dedication drives him to bring a positive change in the society. This has motivated him to venture into the healthy snacking space.

An inquisitive person and an avid learner, Mr. Bharuka, the Founder & CEO of Nuttyfox believes that taking risks would make an individual explore more and learn better. From dawning into theatre, podcasting and content writing to establishing his career in the fields of digital marketing, branding, PR, stand-up comedy and now as an entrepreneur, his journey has been fascinating and remarkable. Mr. Bharuka says, “For me, it was my curiosity to know how retail works. I always wanted to do something in retail. It is definitely the hunger to know more.”

About Nuttyfox

Mr. Bharuka has lately made a footstep onto business with his healthy edible food product company called Vaaya Foods. The company has conceptualised a healthy Indian snack product, makhana that is named as Nuttyfox. The sole vision of Nuttyfox is to develop a healthy and natural sourced ready-to-eat snacking product for the Indian market. The idea of starting a healthy and delicious snack company germinated, when the founder noticed his kids binge on junk food. He made this as his motive to emphasise people on a healthy snacking habit to bring a positive change in terms of a healthy lifestyle globally.

The hindrances in his journey

“My journey till now has been fascinating. Yes, I have faced many ups and downs through this phase, both personally and professionally. But I want to create something valuable for a larger good; a brand that contributes to a positive difference in the society,” says Mr. Bharuka.

Business is such a field that demands patience and tranquil mind through the sweet-sour experiences faced in the journey. It is a field of learning and exploration of new things rather than a risk. He believes that one should work with the zeal, dedication and compassion to reach their goals.

Goals for the next five years

He strongly believes that the goals and the motives in a business should be planned in a phased manner. He says,” I believe planning should be done yearly rather than on a five-year scale. However, this year has been promising for my company. Many on-ground events were hosted, marketing on social media grounds is going good, marketing on the radio-content is still under progress. However, my broad goal is to focus on providing healthy food products and maybe come up with a healthy chips brand or so.”

A message to the world

“Everyone needs to stay healthy, eat healthy, exercise, and do their bit to ensure that our planet is safe. We can and we have to take care of our planet and ensure it is safe, we are safe, and our future generations are safe. That is something we should do on a daily basis,” he concludes.

Shruthi is a budding content curator and a trainee correspondent who intends to bring unique and interesting stories to the world. She believes in writing the world through her eyes.


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