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In Conversation With Narasimha Murthy

A man dressed in confidence and humility is the first impression that resonates with Mr. Narasimha Murthy, CEO and Founder of Connectivity Solutions. This impression is a profoundly lasting one, as he is truly the epitome of patience and courage. With every answer, he led us a little deeper into the path of entrepreneurship and left us at a brim of curiosity to listen to the impending response. ‘Passion’ is the one word he used to describe himself, and this word did complete justice, as there were strong enthusiasm and devotion present in every word he spoke.

Mr. Murthy began his journey as a partner in a system integration organisation, wherein he experienced a large scale failure that played a key role in his present-day success. As an M.Tech graduate, who possessed a strong hunger and drive to achieve, he looked at addressing a major challenge in the renting of IT equipment. He focused on renting out niche IT equipment, which was the need of the hour in the industry.

For him, business is not merely a transaction but a relationship that he nurtures and cultivates for the benefit of his clients. He believes in adding value to his customers and devises true happiness in keeping them happy, “If you bring value to their business outcome, everyone will come to you”, is what he doubtlessly affirms. With an impeccable ability to form a relationship with an individual in the first meeting, he creates a remarkable bond of trust with his customers.

The Journey and Responsibilities

Like any other CEO, Mr. Murthy has stepped into every role of the organisation, right from being a delivery executive to single-handedly manning the Accounts and Logistics. But eventually, he has focused on improving his strengths and mentored a great team that has been a colossal support in helping him overcome his weakness.

Speaking of his team, Mr. Murthy showcased a spirited and joyous countenance. He admits with immense pride that his team is his priority. The man behind an organisation that has seen consistent growth in its revenue, business, customers, and people, vouched that his team is his biggest strength. He finds true joy when a team member sticks with the organisation for a long period of time and achieves success not only for the organisation, but for them. He has a team that is young and hungry, looking for a new dream to chase each day. He says “Every day is a new beginning and I have been optimistic about it”.

Although an industry veteran who has transacted across 33 countries, he declared how closing a new transaction gave him goosebumps with similar zeal as that of a startup entrepreneur. “When I give a commitment I give them my word and also the organisation stands by it”, he explains that he steps into his team’s aid to close deals in order to provide assurance to his customers on sales deliverables.

“Always wake up with a smile”, is the involuntary response he had when asked about his daily routine. He plans each day as he strongly values time, “Every day and every moment counts. What you do at the end of the day is for the organisation. Time gone can never be brought back and this is what keeps you moving”.

When he has to face a stumbling block, he usually takes a step back to retrospect the situation. According to him, it is essential to address problems immediately. A business transaction can occur only if the organisation is willing to address and resolve client challenges, which makes the organisation a trustworthy and dependable one.

In the marketing front, he says that marketing drives the sales team and hence, it is imperative to adapt with the ever-changing marketing domain. Digital marketing is the new initiative he is implementing this year as he believes in staying up-to-date in his marketing processes.

The Foreseeable Future

The future he envisions for his organisation in the next five years is to become a five hundred crore company and grow a strong team of over 250 people. He ensures his team is aligned with the vision of the organisation, and actively involves his entire team while making any decision for the organisation or charting its future growth strategies. They always work as a team even during key decision-making processes, as he is open to ideas and likes to hear every opinion before making an informed decision. He also ensures his team members are given the right soft skills, technical and leadership training, to help them grow as individuals. The organisation follows a transparent culture in terms of policies and finances; this culture further motivates the team to work to the best of their abilities. Apart from this, he also accredits team members before the entire team, “Acknowledging an individual in front of the team is most satisfying”. In a new recruit, he looks for pure passion, as this characteristic really speaks about the prospective team member’s ability to adapt and perform in the organisation.

The ardent reader of fiction, Mr. Murthy truly lives by his favourite quote from The Godfather, “I’m gonna make you an offer, you can’t refuse” as he consistently works around understanding his customer problems and challenges. His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to read blogs and books that are relevant to their area of work and pick the right person for the right job. But above all, believe in your team and go ahead with a positive attitude.

The idea of writing creative copy that persuades is what introduced Smitha to the world of writing. At CEO BottomLine, she is a correspondent, brand publisher and content curator.


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