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Turn Your Desk Into A Learning Station

Online learning has provided a leeway for Entrepreneurs to reinforce their skills. The C-suite has made use of this virtual training as they always face a crunch in time. These courses provide inputs right from communicating with stakeholders about driving innovation and generating revenue.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to learn constantly from books, online courses, industry experts, and customers. LinkedIn has some great courses for professionals of all ages”, says Mr. Tridiv Das, Founder of Creative Factor Group.

The flexibility and accessibility make them highly adaptable and helps them bridge the gap that these leaders identify as blind spots. Here are a few online courses that all SMB owners can take up for career development and personal growth.

1) Introduction to Web Development

This beginner’s course by Coursera, created by the University of California, Davis and taught by Daniel Randall provides an overview of how websites function and the way they are structured. The course explores the design and creation of websites along with the basics of HTML. It also provides an introduction to programming using transcript and the use of CSS properties.

2) Scaling operations: Linking strategy and execution

The scaling operations course by Coursera and created by Northwestern University is taught by Gad Allon and Jan A Van. Mieghem. This five-week course is dedicated to making strategic decisions and grounded in operational reality. The course includes techniques for tailoring the firm’s operational competencies, assets, and processes to a specific business.

3) Acumen Presents: Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop

The course by Udemy, created by +Acumen courses and Seth Godin provides concrete steps to lead change and create an alternative future. The course focuses on ways to distinguish between leaders and managers and is built around the 9 surprising leadership principles that challenge conventional wisdom.

4) Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

This essential course for leaders by Coursera, created by Western Reserve University and taught by Richard Boyatzis teaches the Neuroscience behind leadership and how chronic stress causes cognitive and emotional impairment. The course pivots around the areas of emotional intelligence, hope, mindfulness, and compassion.

5) Storytelling for Leaders: How to Craft Stories that Matter

This short 25-minute class by Skillshare with the Founder of SYPartners, Keith Yamashita, teaches one to craft compelling stories. Keith has developed a structure in developing brand stories through his experience in helping Fortune 100 companies.

6) Learning how to Learn

Another powerful course by Coursera, created by McMaster University and the University of California, San Diego is taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley, Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, and Linda Walker. The course provides easy access to invaluable learning techniques and best practices that are effective in mastering tough subjects.

7) Why Ethics Matter: Ethical Research

This course by FutureLearn is developed by Griffith University and Deakin University and is taught by Nick Barter and Christopher Stevenson. The course traces events that shape the ethical conduct today, it also helps individuals understand and examine the components of a research application.

These transformational courses immensely help C-Suite leaders as their jobs require knowledge across several disciplines. It plays a role in the overall development of the individual and allows them to acquire skills required for various competencies. Startup Advisor and Consultant Mr. Samarth Saxena says, “My all-time favourite is Udemy. Whenever I have to learn I go to Udemy and take up a video course.”

If you have taken up any of these courses leave a review in the comments section below, or let us know your favourite online course that fellow entrepreneurs can undertake.

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