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Top Organization Trends For Leaders In 2018

1. Encouraging All Team Members to be Brand Ambassadors

Recognizing employees as opportunities to enable the understanding of market insights into quality, culture and standards of an organization is being realized by leaders all over the world. Social Media, especially platforms like LinkedIn can facilitate every employee to become an ambassador. The voices of employees can be heard louder. It does not involve any costs but is powerful because it’s believable and original.

2. Investing in Human Capital Development

Long term benefits of prioritizing human capital development is something that leaders and companies will recognize. By taking an active interest in helping employees flourish in all walks of life and not just work, will establish productivity, assurance and a happy workplace.

3. Increasing Emphasis on Empathetic Leadership

Collaborative workplaces are highly sought after by Gen Y and Gen Z talent who are leaving behind command and control based work cultures. Leadership Empathy will have a high value in 2018. There will be more focus on being able to understand and be sensitive to employees and communities. Effective Leadership will be driven as there will be higher emphasis on listening, relating and coaching.

4. Focusing on Individual Growth

The importance and power of separation might have been overlooked with increased focus on diversity and inclusion. 2018 will be the year of personal growth. The various evens of 2017 have led people to re-evaluate their lives and seek support from their employers for clarity of purpose.

5. Leading by Actions and Examples

Leaders have always supported policies and procedures vocally but never in actions. The change will happen. With more focus on unacceptable behavior at workplaces, leaders will slowly come to terms with the fact that they need to hold their teams accountable for proper behavior and themselves.

6. Turning Organizations into a Truly Customer-Centric Business

Leaders have been considering the benefits of “customer centricity” for a while but it’s high time it was implemented in 2018. Adapting to what customers really want is not hard as there are multiple feedback mechanisms in place. For customers, brand loyalty is not as significant as experiences that make them connect. It’s time to let actions do the talking.

7. Embracing 'Work-Life Blend'

Working from home has been recognized as a viable option to acquire and retain top talent by industry leaders like Apple and Amazon. This forms just one part of the bigger equation. In 2018, companies will realize that work-life blend is crucial. Instead of just including bean bags and ping pong tables, jobs that enable employees to blend their work lives better and reduce burnout will be facilitated.

Tridiv Daas is the originator of Creative Factor Group.

Having spent over two decades in advertising & marketing and worked on some of the most prominent brands like Intel, Apple, Essilor, Schneider Electric. He is now empowering small and medium organisations to thrive in the present opportunities. Connect with him at tridiv@creativefactor.in


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