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Despite Multiple Attempts To Grow The Business, Are You Experiencing Stagnancy?

Explore how organisational culture plays a pivotal role in resolving the issue.

Every business runs with an approach to solve a problem a strategy, recent studies have favouring ‘problem solving culture’ as the new strategy to run a business.

Why is culture building so important, you ask, because absence of culture breeds disoriented employees and disagreeing board members, which results into business stagnancy.

Business stagnancy is a very common problem and is the direct result of lack of organisational culture. In the times of business stagnancy, a company needs to group together and brainstorm for new ideas to get the brand out of the pit of dormancy.

Easier said than done, such things are possible only if a business has a deep instilled brand DNA, where each organ of the organization is dedicated and focussed on the same goal with a same mindset, sadly there are very few organisations that walk this talk. Most organisations do not invest all their energy and resources on a common goal, most organisations get trapped in the vicious circle of getting immediate sales to keep afloat, which is more like popping a paracetamol every time you experience fever, instead of diagnosing the real problem. Unlike most problems in life, this one has a solution, a solution that comes in the form of a 2-day rigorous workshop that involves all important people in the company. Guides of this workshop plan and direct the intense brainstorming session between the top managers which paves the way towards well aligned, structured, and focused organisation.

After successfully curating problem-solving brand workshops for brands across various domains, we can say that brand stagnancy is nothing more than absence of an organisational culture.

Obviously, to make this happen, board needs to align all their energy and resources constructively towards a common goal. We help brands realize the importance of embracing good conflicts, which eventually guides them towards a common sense of purpose.

What do businesses gain from our workshop?

  • Strong brand culture
  • Sense of purpose
  • Things work faster – zero stagnancy
  • Better aligned departments
  • Contained attrition rate
  • Employees feel more engaged
  • Achieving milestones becomes a daily affair
  • Effective communication
  • Happy customers!
  • As most great brands say – ‘choose your battles wisely, and if you can’t, learn to turn your disadvantage to your advantage!’ Since in a business setting, the possibility of not having a conflict is nonsensical, channelising it to your advantage is the only way forward!

    To get started, write to us at info@ceobottomline.com

    Pallavi is a seasoned brand content publisher.For the last five years, she has been working with brands, developing their publishable content for their business ecosystem. At CF+, she is an articulator. She and her team are actively building brand communities. A journalist at heart believes the words have the power to change the world.


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