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Why is Attrition Rate Rising With The Advent Of The Millennial Workforce?

Explore how a shared sense of purpose can do wonders for your business!

Over the years, millennials have earned a very strong reputation of being a job-hopping generation, never attached to any workplace.

Switching jobs and sometimes, changing career paths, is not something this fast-food eating generation is new at! And quite honestly, that’s the question the whole HR fraternity around the world is mulling over

– why do they do what they do?

Often described as a ‘complex’ generation, a closer look at their working pattern suggest, there’s more than meets the eye. What seems like a rudderless approach to life is actually their reaction to the absence of strong organizational culture. According to an independent study, millennials are purpose driven beings, who fly away the moment their purpose waffs up in thin air! For businesses, this suggests that if millennials don’t see their future with them on a long-term basis, they simply leave.

So, why do businesses need millennial workforce after all?

It is estimated that in less 10 years down the line, millennials will makeup close to 75% of the total workforce in the world! This means, if businesses don’t find a way to engage millennials with their working culture, they’ll miss out big.

So, what’s the solution?

Purpose is the word. Instilling a deep sense of purpose in the organisation is the only way businesses can hope to tap on the creative abilities of millennials. If millennials know what they are working for and why they are working for it, then as an organisation, you’ve hit the gold!

But how can organisations instill a sense of purpose?

Thankfully, there’s an answer for this too!

Our immersive 2 day workshop for organisations help them visit, revisit and align their purpose of existence with their employees, especially millennials. Our constructive approach helps brands in defining their sense of purpose, bridge communication gap and develop a strong organisational culture.

Hence, a business where a strong culture thrives and common goals are strived, millennials are willing to take a dive!

To get started, write to us at info@ceobottomline.com

Pallavi is a seasoned brand content publisher.For the last five years, she has been working with brands, developing their publishable content for their business ecosystem. At CF+, she is an articulator. She and her team are actively building brand communities. A journalist at heart believes the words have the power to change the world.


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