Books Every CEO Must Have In Their Library

If this introduction has managed to capture your interest, it is due to the discreet use of book titles that every CEO must read. These books provide great insight into the world of business and leadership.

Books Every CEO Must Have In Their Library

They make you aware of potential opportunities and prepare you for challenges in your journey. Let’s discuss 7 books that every CEO must read.

1) How To Win Friends And Influence People – By Dale Carnegie

Written in 1936, this book can be considered the best motivational book in history. The author believed that success was the outcome of effective communication. The book is an interesting read for anyone who deals directly with customers as it showcases the importance of valuing an individual.

2) What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – By Marshall Goldsmith

Change is the foundation to new beginnings, but change can at times be scary. In this book, Goldsmith explains the importance of change, while pointing out that incredible result come from the practice of basic behaviours like saying Thank You, Listening and Apologising.

3) 48 Laws Of Power – By Robert Greene

This popular book has a cult-like fan following from people across various walks of life. The author has been brutally honest by viewing everything from the lens of power. He also provides anecdotes and examples to employ these laws into practice. The book manages to touch the uncomfortably raw emotions of most individuals who seek power.

4) Good To Great – By Jim Collins

This book differentiates a good company from a great one. Considered to be as a modern classic in management theory, the book identifies and evaluates the factors and variables that allow few companies to transition from good to great.

5) The Hard Things About Hard Things – By Ben Horowitz

This book can be categorised as an absolute must-read for CEOs. It gives the reader an insight into their own thoughts and mental well-being. The author, who is one of Silicon Valley’s most respected entrepreneurs, shares his experience being a CEO and the hard decisions that come with it.

6) The Tipping Point – By Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point is an in-depth analysis to identify if a particular trend will “tip” into wide-scale popularity. According to the author, the evolution of any major phenomenon has processes that are strikingly similar.

7) Start With Why – By Simon Sinek

Sinek’s fundamental idea is that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. According to him, it is essential to make a decision based on a strong why. The book narrates how great leaders and companies start most of their communication with why.

If you have already read the books mentioned here, let us know other books that would help our readers in the comment section below.

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