Boost Your Marketing Efforts With Insightful Videos

Marketers must understand that their potential prospects and targeted key decision makers are always busy and on a constant move.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts With Insightful Videos

The world of marketing is evolving and it’s time for the marketers to rethink on their marketing approach. The marketers must understand the power of videos and how this medium could be leveraged effectively for marketing initiatives. Let’s take a quick look at how videos can boost your marketing efforts.

Reading a thousand words versus watching a self-explanatory video

Marketers must understand that their potential prospects and targeted key decision makers are always busy and on a constant move. Hence it becomes very important to choose a marketing medium/format that is not time-consuming and at the same time can visually convey the marketing proposition.

Video is the most effective way of storytelling

Be it your brand, product, service or solution, motion visual or video is the most effective format of storytelling. It has the power to make your audience connect emotionally, relate to the context, drive and inspire to take actions. Videos also generate greater recall factor than any other form of communication or medium.

A well-crafted video can fetch you higher ROI

An inspiring, insightful, emotional and meaningful story always grabs the attention of your audience, and often such videos go viral as people love to share such content. These viral factors will always fetch your more earned media, create greater awareness and increase the consideration factor.

5 Kinds Of Videos On Which A Marketer Should Focus

Now that we have witnessed how an insightful video can help you drive better results from your marketing initiatives, let’s also look at 5 very effective types of videos that you should be focussing on.

1. Brand Films/Videos:

Craft and tell the brand story from the beneficiary’s perspective. It helps your audience connect easily, increases the consideration aspects and it’s more likely to contribute to the brand as brand advocates.

2. Product, Service and Solution Offering Videos:

Create product, service and solution videos from the beneficiary’s perspective. Let your customers speak how your product, service or solution have helped them resolve their challenges and help them thrive.

3. Explanatory, Demonstrative Training Videos:

Leverage this kind of video to educate and empower your partners, resellers, and distributors on how your product, service or solution works, what are the features, offers, etc. and how to pitch these products to the end customers or in-store walking customers.

4. Leverage Unboxing Videos:

The unboxing format of videos works well when you are launching a new product, service or solution for the end consumers. Link such videos in your e-shop reseller space. This will help your end consumers know what is expected inside the packed box, how to assemble, install or use the product, service or solution effectively. Getting on board a neutral reviewer to communicate the unboxing story could be more effective.

5. Customer Experience Videos:

Capture your customer’s voice and let them share their complete experience of the product, service or solution you have offered. A customer review video helps in building confidence in prospect customers or new buyers and can generate better consideration rate.

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