Successful SMEs across India are breaking their handcuffs and moving into a higher orbit of growth. They are using breakthrough strategies to leverage new age digital technologies, launch new products, create new business models, do smart marketing and selling, enter new international markets, raise funding, and acquire other companies as well. Presenting to you a one-day workshop on five such breakthrough growth strategies.

New, upstart players are using technologies to kill the business of traditional players. The very survival of traditional players is endangered. But, it’s time for the traditional businesses to strike back. Attend the workshop to know how to use these new technologies in your business for growth.

SMEs have often struggled to raise financing from banks or other institutions. This has curbed their ambitions and growth. If new, frivolous startups can raise funding with ease, why can’t your more-solid company do so. Attend the workshop to know insights, strategies, and tools that can make your business attractive to investors and lenders.

Very often, CEOs and companies get drowned in day to day operations, and don’t take time out to create a fresh growth strategy. In many cases, the basic growth ingredients are already in place, but combining them into a winning recipe requires some fresh thinking. Attend the workshop to enable fresh thoughts to crack a winning growth strategy.

The progression of economic value creation shows how commoditisation has forced businesses to develop a new economic value model. Both B2B and B2C businesses are staging experience for their customers. But soon, most businesses will follow suit and staging experience will become too common. Attend the workshop to know about transformational economy and its impact on your customers.

For business owners, it’s often a lonely existence. While the original vision is really yours and you have a burning desire to succeed, but the buck stops with you. In difficult times, you have no other shoulder to lean on. Attend the workshop to dive into some practical ways of building crack teams.